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About Sea Kayak Marlborough

Marlborough Sea Kayaking Network was formed at the end of 2007, kicking off in 2008 with a year programme.
It is designed to give the kayaker an idea of what’s coming up, ┬áthe interesting and adventurous places to visit, and more importantly, training sessions.
Weather plays a large part of these trips of course.
If folks don’t make contact regards to an up and coming trip it may not go ahead,
It’s designed to encourage safety in numbers.

The network is a group of people who are linked via email and anyone can share, recieve information, offer advice, advertise a trip, not necessary on the programme, but generally all to do with sea kayaking.
We do not have a committee and our only meetings are on the water. This is not to say we can’t have one or an eMeeting

Contact Marty on blueskua@hotmail.com

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