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Saturday paddle with a norwester…

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Marty wanted some photos of around the Whites Bay area. The winds had been high over the last few days but generally a northwester meant it was calm in Whites Bay. Or so we thought…

We unpacked the kayaks and went down to the beach to launch. The wind whipped down the hills and out to sea, taking the sand and blasting it around our legs. This was going to be a fun trip!

We launched with no problem but with the wind behind us and blowing steadily at 20 knots (my guess), it didn’t take long to get out the bay and around the point. In fact we were blown out more so than we paddled out. When we got in to calmer waters we both looked at each other and said that getting home was going to be fun!!

We headed around the rocks and caves, getting photos and looking at the amazing cliffs and rocks. This is a great area to paddle and sight see and on calmer days you come across seals sun bathing.

Time to go home. As we approached the point to head in to the bay the winds grew stronger. This was going to be a challenge in anyones books and if you didn’t have the wind right on your nose then the kayaks would get blown off course and it would take some effort to correct it. The wind didn’t seem to let up and was one continuous blow. At one stage I had to brace with paddles down before the wind whipped the paddle out of my hands. Then I started to go backwards quickly.

Quick short flat strokes help keep my position and then stronger strokes to make headway. We headed for a cave to rest for a few minutes before we tackled the last 200 – 300 metres to the shore.

It certainly was an exciting paddle home with a couple of times I thought we might need to go back around the point and try again when the wind died down.

Whites Bay is a great area to paddle and explore. There are lots to see and great caves and rocks to kayak through and around. Just don’t do it when it’s windy!


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